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FISH-EYE Portrait: Thomas




FISH-EYE Portrait: Nic


FISH-EYE Portrait Series: Grant

A friend of mine recently let me borrow her fish-eye lens and it has been

so much fun working with this new piece of equipment!

Over the next few days I will be posting some portraits

and other landscape shots that I have taken with it. Hope you enjoy!


New Portrait Series! “I am a murderer”

Recently I have taken on a new photography project to help me capture some interesting emotions / expressions from my subjects. This project will be all about how different individuals convey or express the idea of “Just having killed someone”.

The result may be goofy, it may be serious, or it may be an award-winning performance from the individual. Either way, I simply want to capture that raw emotion which is elicited when the individual is asked to portray him or herself as having just killed someone.

It seems somewhat morbid, I think, however the few shots that I have taken have turned out great and I will continue to explore the responses and reactions of my subjects and share them with you all.

For starters, here are a couple of my favorites so far from the series. In time, I will continue to post more and more of this little experiment/project of mine. So please let me know what you think! 🙂

“I am a murderer”

Tyler. Age 18. Thornton, CO.

“I am a murderer”

Jake. Age 20. Denver, CO.

Taking a Breather

In our world today, it feels like everything is happening too fast. It’s hard to just be in the moment, and even on vacation it’s hard to get some quality relaxation. This is why I like this picture so much, because it reminds me to stop, take a breather, and reflect on who I am and who I am becoming…even when the world continues to speed by at its non-stop pace.

I took this picture of my friend Morgan when we were going down an escalator. I had my tripod with my Canon Rebel T1i mounted on top and was standing a few steps behind her. As the escalator carried us downward, everything around her blurred, but because she remained motionless, she stayed in focus.

We probably looked like fools to the people watching us, going up and down the escalators numerous times trying to get the shot just right. But it was like being a little kid again, wanting to ride the escalator just one more time.